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Diet Recovery

Diet Recovery isn’t just about food.  It’s about adding quality to your life.

It’s Self-Care to let go of a schedule when you don’t need one and just follow a routine (your good habits). Diet Recovery has taught me that.  I create routines (good habits) that I do daily or sometime in the week that adds quality to my life.  Taking care of me is the most important thing. Figuring out what routines to add is the hard part, but do what fits you.  Find things you like, love, want to try, be intentional, be silly, be honest, be loving to yourself. 

This journey will allow you to let go of what you thought you should be and to be who you really want to be:  FREE!  Free from diets and schedules and meal planning and extreme workouts and negativity from yourself and others. Pure freedom to live and to keep living positively for the rest of your life. I’m so proud of you!

Below are the best and only programs I recommend. I have done both.  They are my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support system. I am better because of them! I am a virtual client.  Check them out!   

DFIT Institute for Transformation

Demetrius Farrior

 Personal Coach




DFIT offers small group personal training & productivity coaching to help clients accomplish their work & enjoy their lives.

DFIT 2.0 – Diet Recovery | Restriction Recovery | Metabolism Makeover

This group is for you if you’re done with dieting & you want to find YOUR healthy set point weight…not what diet-culture dictates you should be; and you want to stop the restrict-binge cycle once and for all.


~DFIT is for people who know they ‘should’ workout, but they can’t/won’t do it on their own. Accountability & Consistency are KEY.

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