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Live in the Moment!

Live in the moment! I looked at this picture and my first thought was “You look fat!” But God said, “You are beautiful! You are mine! Live in the moment!” This was taken yesterday at our Kindergarten Graduation. I’m standing with the mom of the student we lost this year. This was a special moment! I wasn’t concerned about my looks before, during or after graduation. I knew I looked good! I was confident. My littles didn’t care. My parents didn’t care. My colleagues and friends didn’t care. They were glad I was there. I almost missed the moment. The special moment. Don’t miss your moments! Live them!

I’m in Diet Recovery with DFIT. I’m going backwards. I used to starve myself through diets and restricting food. Also, through extreme workouts.

Now, I am mindfully eating. Eating healthy, but allowing myself things I want when I want. My workouts are more about releasing the day with weights and yoga.

It’s a journey! It was a journey to get super thin and unhealthy and it’s a journey to get healthy again. It’s not instant. So live in the moments, all the moments! No matter what they look like. No matter you look like! Have fun! Laugh! Be silly! Love! The people who love you won’t remember what you look like, they’ll just remember the moment!

DFIT Information

DFIT offers small group personal training & productivity coaching to help clients accomplish their work & enjoy their lives.

Best and only program I recommend. They are my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support system. I am better because of them! I am a virtual client.❤

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