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Not Yet!

When you’re thinking of all the things you don’t have yet, say out loud or make a list of things you do have now. Your gratitude list will bring a smile to your face and you will feel blessed. Keep it close so you can look at it or add to it whenever you’re feeling down.

Here’s mine:

my girls, my grandson, my sister who hangs with me and we do fun things together, my friends and girl trips, my littles, my job, my writing, my love of nature and seeing all the things around me, my love for God and loving the way he helps me and loves me.

I made this list on the way home from work tonight because I was thinking about the things I didn’t have. I told myself to be grateful for the things I do have, so I started to make a list out loud. By the time I finished, I was smiling and feeling better. I will continue to do this to make sure I’m thinking of the things that matter!

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