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Diet Recovery Diary

I love to walk.  It’s been hard lately because I am recovering from a workout injury.  Pushing pass the limits is what I’ve always done to get thinner.  I became extreme. I have to walk at school and stand all day, just about. Pain has become my friend.

But today, I decided to walk for enjoyment.  After school, I walked in my neighborhood with no noise except nature.  I walked slowly, but felt the sun on my face and the breeze in my hair and smelled the honeysuckle growing nearby.  I saw the trees, flowers and the birds.  I made it to the mailboxes down the street and back without my hiking stick (I bought it just in case I needed support). I finally enjoyed my walk.  I didn’t think about how I looked, how fast I was going or what song I needed to keep me motivated.  I just enjoyed being outside and still having the ability to walk. I hope this encourages someone today!  You are not alone!

DFIT Information-Diet Recovery Specialists

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Best and only program I recommend. They are my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support system. I am better because of them! I am a virtual client.❤

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