The Moment of Truth

While I was out shopping, I was thinking about the storm I was in. It was a pretty bad storm and I realized that I had used my resources: prayer, reading the Bible and community. But God spoke to my heart and asked if my family had seen my storm and seen me use my resources? Then, I had an epiphany moment: The Moment of Truth.

As I thought about what He had asked me, I realized that I had involved everyone else except for my immediate family. My girls and grandson were uninvolved. How can I show them Jesus if I hide my storms from them? I thought that’s what parents do. I never knew my parent’s storms. If they had any, they were well hidden.

I realize that to show them how I could make it through a storm or how I stayed calm and at peace during a storm was to show them my resources. With prayer, reading the bible and community, I could show them how to weather a storm; their own storm. I could teach them how to pray to God and trust Him with their circumstances. I could give them hope and strengthen their faith by showing them that even through pain and heartache, Jesus is always with them and for them. They are not alone.

I realized that my friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram aren’t the only people who need to know how to use my resources. I realized that I wasn’t encouraging the ones closest to me. I wasn’t using my resources wisely with the people who would need it the most. I wasn’t showing them how to use my resource when I’m not there to help them. I just expected them to know. If I am a Godly parent, then my children need to see me praying, crying out to God, worshipping, singing and reading my Bible. They need to see my faith, trust and obedience to God. They need to see me stand and fall. They need to see my heart. They need to see Jesus’ work in me.

No one learns how to do anything without being taught how to do it. My family does not know how to use my resources unless I teach them how to use them. I want my family to know what to do in a storm. I want them to know how to weather a storm by staying calm and at peace. I want my family to know God and to go to heaven with me. Therefore, I must show them Jesus and teach them how to use my resources because another moment of truth may never come again.

Proverbs 22:6- Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it. (NIV)

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