My Teacher’s Salary is Enough if:

I don’t have a car payment or any major car expenses.

I don’t go anywhere on the weekends or take a vacation.

I don’t go to the Doctor, Dentist or buy medicine.

I don’t celebrate any holidays, birthdays, weddings or baby showers.

I don’t eat out ever or entertain guests.

I don’t buy new clothes for me and my children.

I don’t have to pay for childcare, diapers or school supplies.

I don’t turn up the heat or turn down the AC.

I don’t mind working a second job and a summer job to make ends meet.

I don’t become a single parent raising children on my own without any other income.

(Oh, that is me!)

If I know that regardless of the money not made by a Teacher, my ultimate goal is to love, support, teach and give dreams to my students, THEN and only then is my Teacher’s salary enough.


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