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Being Proactive is Self Care

I had a Doctor’s appointment recently for a checkup. I went in knowing that I would be weighed and I sat in the car on the way there affirming myself. Using your weight and height to calculate your BMI is BS. They use 1 test, 1 assessment, 1 summative to say that your underweight, normal weight or overweight without looking at your DNA, genetics, environment, disability, etc.

It just like when our school system uses 1 big test, EOG (End of Grade) test to say whether your below grade level, at grade level or higher than grade level by giving the SAME exact test to all students without looking at learning styles, disabilities, environment, or differentiating.

When my Doctor started to discuss my BMI, I spoke up. I have been in an excellent program for 4 years. ( My first two years, I did Keto and low carb diets with extreme workouts. I went from a size 16 to 10. But extreme dieting caused other negative health issues. I also didn’t want to eat or workout this way for the next 20 years. I didn’t want to miss out on fun, dinners, holidays, birthdays, snacks I love. So my coach suggested Diet Recovery. I knew it was just for me.

Diet Recovery is hard, physically and mentally. I’ve been on it since January 2022. I went from a size 10 to 16. That was hard mentally and as well as physically. I eat what I want, when I want and how much I want. I am mindful of what and how much I eat. I stop eating when I’m full. I eat candy and snacks sometimes, but mainly meat, vegetables and fruit. In 10 months, I have gone from a size 16 to 14. I have only gained 17 pounds. I lift weights, so it’s mainly muscle. My body composition is totally different than is was 4 years ago.

I told this story to my Doctor and she agreed. She likes that I’m taking it slow and that it’s mainly muscle. I don’t take any prescriptions, just supplements and my blood pressure was perfect. I wasn’t gonna let her tell me what I needed to do or make me feel bad for doing what’s right for me. I know what to do. 1 test doesn’t prove anything and as a Teacher, I know this very well.

Be PROACTIVE! Stand up for yourself and your health! If you feel something is wrong, SAY something and fight until someone listens to you. If you feel something is right, SAY something and make them believe you. It is your Self Care.

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