It’s Your Choice

I dressed up like a unicorn today at school. I told my students that my mom said I could be anything I wanted, so I decided to be a unicorn for 2022. Unicorns are rare, unique, magical, free, and beautiful. I had laid a piece of paper on their desk and told them to draw what they wanted to be for 2022. They could draw anything they wanted to be. When they finished, I ask them to bring it to me and tell me what they drew and why. Here are some of their answers: A mermaid because they live underwater, A puppy because they are cute, An Astronaut because I want to make a lot of money and help my mom pay her rent, A superhero because I get to wear a mask and a cape and help people. All very valid answers. All very achievable. I didn’t care how I looked to anyone else. No one knew why I dressed up. I choose to be different to show my littles that life can be fun, our imaginations exist and those that love us will except us just the way we are. We can make our own choices, we just have to choose. I teach Kindergarten.

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