encouragement for the soul

A Continuous Transformation

Happy 3rd Anniversary of Healthy Living with DFIT virtually! 🎉
The 1st picture shows an unhealthy me eating whatever junk I wanted to, no workouts, feeling sluggish, tired and wearing large elastic pants or size 14/16.
The 2nd picture shows a healthy me eating a meal plan that works for me, working out 4/5 times a week, feeling energetic, alive, pretty and wearing medium elastic pants or size 10.
I am absolutely overjoyed with my progress, but it’s not over. It’s a daily/hourly decision. It’s not a diet or just a workout to look good, it’s a lifestyle, a forever thing! I just hope DFIT can handle me forever! lol Thanks DFIT! When your ready to change your life, DFIT can help: http://www.dfittransformation.com

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