Your first step.

Your first tooth.

Your first laugh.

Your first word.

Your first Birthday.

Your first day of School.

But one day, it’s all a memory.

It becomes a different first.

Your first Birthday.

Your first Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

Your first Thanksgiving.

Your first Christmas.

Your first Anniversary.

Your first Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Your first year without me.

Your first year in Heaven.

Lola Brooks

I’m all in my feels thinking about a conversation my sister and I had recently.  We are still in our first year without our mom and both our parents, who died a year apart. We celebrate all the first our child does as a celebration of growth and we are happy and elated.  But we weep and feel lost when it becomes our first memory after a loved one becomes a citizen of Heaven.

First memories are always the hardest regardless of how many years they are gone.  Knowing that one day we will see them again in Heaven makes us happy and elated.  But until then, there will be times of sadness, loneliness and brokenness without them here with us. Sit quietly, breathe in their memory and carry them in your heart………….until then.

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