Be Aware of your Surroundings!

It’s a shame that I can’t workout outside on a nice day in the sunshine on my day off without feeling unsafe or targeted. I just need to go ahead and certify as a conceal and carry. Or carry other safety objects just to walk and be healthy.

I was being followed at Rankin Lake during my walk this morning. I noticed him from the beginning of my walk when I felt someone following me and heard leaves crunching. I looked over my shoulder and he was right behind me a several feet away. I turned around and he got off on the side of the road near a park bench. With other people walking by, I kept walking. But not without noticing my surroundings and I continuously looked back behind me.

I walked with other people, greeted them and kept walking. Once on the other side of the lake, I started noticing that there were no more people coming my way. As I rounded the corner, I saw him again. I saw a turtle and stopped to take a picture of it. He stopped. Then started walking the other way. I took a picture of him. Then I started walking again. He started walking again toward me. I stopped, he stopped. I took a few pictures of him. One where he saw me take it.

I prayed that God would send someone around the corner and He did. A group of women and a boy with a dog came around the corner. I asked if I could walk with them and told them what was happening. They said Yes! Thank God! The man had to pass us because we were walking the opposite way. I looked at him straight in his face and gave him my Teacher look. Then a park person drove by in her golf cart. I stopped her and told her what happened and showed her the guy. She drove me to my car. Then I left.

This is ridiculous! In broad daylight, with lots of other people around, someone I didn’t know felt ok to harass me and cause me harm. In the future, I will be walking with protection and with others.

Jesus, I thank you for coming your rescue today. Thank you for protecting me and sending reinforcements to help me. Please protect others who may not be aware of their surroundings or have the courage to ask for help. Bubble wrap us all in your care and love. In Jesus name, Amen.

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