Speak Life

It really upsets me when parents don’t give their children the credit they deserve. I have the most amazing, curious, lovable learners in my class. Your tongue holds life and death in the words you say. What your child hears at home, they will not hear at school, not in my class. I will uphold your curiosity, your love of learning, your ability to work hard, your friendliness to others, your smile and your heart. I will celebrate you when you try and fail and when you pick yourself up and try again. I will celebrate you when you succeed and join the class in making it known, so everyone can celebrate with you. I will speak LIFE into you, words and actions that you can carry throughout your life to live out your Purpose and share with others. I will be your greatest supporter and cheerleader! I am here for you! You don’t have to worry about your future! I got you!đź’— Love, Ms. Brooks!

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