Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams!

Your dream is a gift from God to you! He gave it only to you because he needs you to complete a task for him. You are his vessel and he speaks to others through the dream he has given you. If you sing, keep singing. If you write, keep writing. If you speak, keep speaking. If you teach, keep teaching. If you mentor, keep mentoring. If you create, keep creating. If you are generous, keep being generous. Whatever it is you do, your work, your purpose, keep doing it. God will place the right person at the right time to receive the message he gave you.

Not everyone will believe in your dream, sometimes no one, but you. You will have to be your biggest cheerleader! You will have to believe, hope, inspire and love yourself, by yourself. Promote your dream and share it with others. Give people a chance to appreciate your dream and move you forward. Our dreams aren’t always meant to make us rich and famous. God gives us dreams to promote and prepare others for their dreams.  If just one person believes and decides to become a Christ-follower, you have lived your dream to its fullest.

Now go! Live your dream! Be Awesome! Be Great! You can do this! God believes in you and I do too!

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