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It’s My Pleasure to Serve You!

I work at Chick-fil-a in Belmont, NC. I have only been working there a few months. I really enjoy serving the people who come into our restaurant. But what I enjoy the most is standing side-by-side with awesome young people who enjoy serving with me.

These young people serve with their whole heart. They lead with integrity and truth. They work beside you and with you, but never over you. They are willing to step into a leadership role as well as a non-leadership role. They are not afraid of hard work. They have goals and dreams. They prove that when given a chance anyone can do anything. They are true leaders.

I get the opportunity to serve alongside these fine young people every weekend. I am amazed when I find out that they are just high school and college students. It warms my heart to know that a company respects and acknowledges young people and lets them prove themselves to be the leaders they are. I am respected as a person, but treated as a team player and friend. I am never treated as just a worker, I am respected and honored!

This gives me hope for future generations because I am also a Pre-K Teacher. I see what “littles” can become and do with their lives. I see where dedication and perseverance can lead. I “get to” help mold respect and integrity into their lives to become one of those young people Chick-fil-a would be proud to have on their team. I get to give hope through faith that God has a hand in this company and in the lives of everyone that works there and comes in contact with our team.

Just know that when you come into our Chick-fil-a in Belmont, NC, you will be loved, cared for, shown compassion and respect because we give the best customer service there is. We go above and beyond because that’s what God does. He takes care of his people! Come by soon, it will be my pleasure to serve you!

Lola Brooks, Author of You Are Wonderfully and Beautifully Made

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