Health and Wellness

Your health and wellness depends on how you view yourself and what you’re going to do about being healthier for your future. It’s all about you! It’s loving you, wanting the best for you, spending time with you, and putting you first.

Here are some ways I’ve recognized my own Self Awareness: be honest with yourself, learn to trust yourself, give yourself grace, get to know your body (what you eat and how it makes you feel, how you move and how you can make it fun), be teachable (get a coach), learn to love yourself (go to therapy), let go of negativity and build a positive mindset, get a diffuser and oil (calming scents on hard days), do what make you happy, tell people you love them often, stay connected to family and friends, go out with friends or by yourself, take a lot of trips.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to love you the way you want to be loved. You are so worth it!

I started my health and wellness journey with DFIT Institute for Transformation. After 4 years, I learned how everyone’s journey is different because we are different people. I stopped comparing myself others and started focusing just on me. I went from extreme dieting and workouts to now, diet recovery and workouts for fun. I learned how to find joy in the everyday and love myself when I chose not to eat healthy or workout. A new day would arrive and I could begin again. Personal conversations, coaching, meal plans, workouts just for me have kept my goals in place and me, consistent. I am more self aware and living my best life because of DFIT and my commitment to me.