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Today someone asked me why I promote DFIT Institute for Transformation. I said, “Because they have been with me through the years, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.” I have transformed through family hard times, wanting to give up, not feeling worthy and surviving cancer.

Year 1 – Feeling overweight and unhealthy – They helped me lose weight through diet and workout, it encouraged others.  Year 2 – My Dad passed away and it was hard to stay focused, but they gave me mental, emotional and spiritual support which helped me continue on my journey. Year 3 – My Mom passed away and again it was hard to focus, but they were there to give me mental, emotional and spiritual support to get through and continue toward a healthy lifestyle. Year 4– I was diagnosed with cancer. I know, one thing after the other. I was eating healthy and working out.  I was so focused. But then, cancer.  I had surgery and cancer was removed. I’m a survivor and they were there with a new diet and workout plan to fight against cancer. With God in control, they were a part of my circle who helped support me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

We are close to Year 5 and I know that no matter what comes into my life or goes out of it, DFIT will be there cheering me on, letting me cry, praying for me and giving me new eating and workout plans.  So I’m ready for ANYTHING!

If your program, coach or gym doesn’t give you this kind of attention, then you need to change to DFIT. They are there through it all! It’s what they do!



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