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How my Self Care Helps Me Heal

I’m sorry for my absence lately, but I haven’t forgotten y’all. I’ve recently been diagnosed with breast cancer in the early stage, very treatable. I don’t tell you this for sympathy or advice. I do tell you because if it wasn’t for DFIT, I would be a mess, unhealthy and overweight. 

Because I have been on healthy eating plans and fitness plans, I am already on the road to recovery.  I know that what I have been doing has helped me be as healthy as I can be going into surgery and my recovery won’t be hard on me because of the changes I’ve already made prior to my diagnosis. DFIT also gives me mental and emotional support. Can you think of any other program who would care about what you’re facing? No, they only want you to buy their program.  Then they forget about you. DFIT is ALL IN! Every part of you is covered.  And believe me, It is much cheaper than facing what your insurance doesn’t cover. 

I would rather pay DFIT forever than have cancer. Cancer doesn’t care anything about you, it just shows up. Think about where you are in life.  If you received a diagnosis today, could you really say you were ready for anything?

Contact Demetrius Farrior at 1-910-726-4397 for a consultation,, Facebook: DFIT Institute for Transformation.


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