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DFIT Institute for Transformation

This will change your whole life like it did mine!🥰 You have no excuse. I know because I had them all. When I decided to join DFIT Institute for Transformation as a virtual client, I had little money, no motivation and no willpower. But Demetrius Farrior changed all that for me.

Now I’m 5 years in and healthier, fit, have more money because I’m motivated and have the willpower to work 2 jobs, including being an author and volunteer. The only thing that stops you is doubt, having little faith and not seeing yourself as important. You spend hundreds of dollars eating out, on your hobbies, TV streaming subscriptions, the gym (but never go), clothes, makeup, getting your hair and nails done, on your prescriptions, weight loss pills and diet plans, but not on better health and it’s cheaper! It’s a shame!

You want a great future and you want to live longer, but how will you live it if you can’t move or you’re on too many medications. The right mindset will lead you to the right foods and fitness for your body and Demetrius Farrior can help you get there. Call/Text today: 910-726-4397 and find the better you!

Are you ready to go from Sick & Tired to Fit & Inspired?

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