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Sun-day Funny-day

There were so many funny things that happened to me today. While at Church, our Pastor was talking and he said, “Dear Lord”. I thought he was praying and I bowed my head. A friend poke me and said, “Are you sleeping?” I said, No, I’m praying!” She said, Pastor wasn’t praying! We laughed, not out loud, of course. Maybe in that moment, I needed to pray!

Then during praise team worship, I thought our time was finished so I laid down my microphone, pickup my water bottle and left to go to the bathroom. While in the bathroom, I heard the praise team singing. I thought, “Why are they singing?” Come to find out we weren’t finished, It was just a pause. I stood in the hall while they finished singing because I was not walking back to my seat and being embarrassed. Haha! I just left thinking we were done, but we were not.

Lastly, my sister has dog gates in her house. I’ve walked through them a million times. Today while walking through one, I wasn’t paying attention I guess. I tripped over it, hit the wall with my hand and took down a picture. The picture hit the floor and broke. And I jammed my pinkie! We were able to fix the picture, but my pinkie was another story. I pulled it back into place and put ice on it. Now I’m just waiting for it to heal.

Whew! I think that is enough Sun-day Fun-day for one-day! I hope yours was great!


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