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What If You Could Eat What You Want and STILL Lose Weight?

It is possible!  DFIT’s Diet Recovery is how you do it.  Another holiday means more calories. But not with Diet Recovery.  Let me explain.

I spent a week away with my family. I always weigh myself at my daughter’s because she has a scale. I don’t on purpose. It’s not how I measure my success. I do it through my clothes. 

My daughter and I went grocery shopping to gather some staples we both needed. For me,it was berries and pineapple, Healthy Choice Power bowls, Skinny Pop popcorn, Oikos greek yogurt, green tea bags, ACV, Quaker Protein oatmeal and Planet Oat milk. These are staples I keep on hand at my house, too.

I ate out (fast food) at least 4 times, had 2 holiday meals and desserts and 1 brunch date, even cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  I ate from my staples and snacks..  I usually eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. I drink hot tea with dinner and sometimes coffee afterwards. I drink coffee religiously in the morning and water all day.

I laid around like the Queen I am and did not leave her apartment unless we had to go somewhere special. Mainly, because she lives on the 3rd floor and it’s really cold there. I took workout bands with me, but I didn’t even use them.  I watched Christmas movies and “Where the Crawdads Sing”. (good movie) I just rested and relaxed. I had a wonderful time.

On my last day there, I decided to weigh myself again just for fun.  I thought I had gained or stayed the same, but I hadn’t.  I had lost weight. WOW!  My body is now trusting me to feed it and it is using all this food for energy instead of storing it as fat. My stomach is flatter, I’m down 1 size and I’m healing my body.  All with Diet Recovery! I mindfully eat and most of the time workout everyday, except on vacations. I take NO pills, no intermittent fasting, no restricting food. It is a great program! 

Would you like to lose weight without workouts or dieting? Trust  DFIT Institute for Transformation Diet Recovery. What are you waiting for? Your health is an investment. When you are healthy, you are healing.

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Disclaimer: I ONLY promote products/programs that I actually use and know that work for me. I am not being paid to promote this program. It is an investment for me. I am proof that it works.  I have been a virtual client of DFIT for 4 years in both diets and workouts and now in Diet Recovery.


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