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Managing Meal plans

I Meal Plan because it’s a convenient way for me to stay healthy and eat the foods I love.  But it can seem overwhelming to people who are new to it or those who have families. My coach, Demetruis of DFIT, www.dfittransformation.com has created meal plans that will fit your life. He will talk with you about how you eat, what you like to eat, when you eat  and he will find a way to help you eat for a healthier life.

As a single, cooking on Sunday to get ready for the week works for me.  I buy family packs of meat and cook a big meal in the crockpot.   I add a vegetable and a carb to each meal.  I will have about 7 meals for the week.  I can choose to eat that meal for dinner as well if I want to or eat something else.

For a family, I used to cook for everyone and then save any leftovers to take to work the next day. In diet recovery, you don’t have to cook a different meal from your family.  You can have what they have and enjoy what you eat.

Managing meals helps you save time and money.  It helps you spend more time with the people you love and doing the things you like to do. Take your life back by choosing to stay healthy with planning your meals.

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