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Road Trips and Mindful Eating

We learn best from experience. I tell you, I learned fast! I rode for 10.5 hours with 3 friends on a road trip. I packed my snacks: popcorn, graham crackers, peanut butter crackers and candy. We stopped for at least one meal and ate dinner when we got to our destination.

But I didn’t realize is that I am so use to eating at certain times and certain foods that I started to get tired of eating these snacks and craved fruit and veges. Convenient stores don’t have fruits and veges and they are the only quick stores to stop at on your travels without going out of your way.

Before leaving to drive back home, we made a stop at a grocery store in the area. I had to have some bananas, fruit cups and cherry tomatoes. My body felt better than it before because I feed it things it really wanted.

So remember when you go on road trips, take food your body already enjoys. You may have to be a little strategic and think out of the box to keep it fresh. But your body will thank you and be able to function at its best.

Be good to yourself!

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