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Are You Really Living?

I was talking to my first graders today during Math about how I’m not looking for the answer.  I’m looking for HOW they got the answer. They are always trying to give the answer without working out the problem. 

I said, “We are born and then we die.”  It’s what we do in the middle that counts. The adventures we take, the connections we make. It’s what we leave to show what a great life we had that matters.  Just like solving a math problem.  We have the equation and then the answer, but what happens in the middle is the most important.  It’s the strategies, the work we put in, showing HOW we solved the problem that makes the difference.  How boring the middle would be if there was nothing to show.”

“My strategies and adventures may be different from yours, but it will show HOW I got the answers and the adventures I took to get there.  It will be what is left behind for others to see.”

Below is not first grade Math! But the adventure is the same!

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