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It’s Not You, It’s Your Clothes!

I tried on 4 different pants on Wednesday morning before deciding on the pair I was going to wear to work.  Every single pair was the same size, but they all fit differently.  They were all different brands.  One, I couldn’t button.  One, I could probably button, but I would have to lay down on the bed and they would be really tight and uncomfortable.  One, I could button, but they were skin-tight and didn’t really go with my shirt. Finally, I found one that fit perfectly.  They were baggy and comfortable, just what I was looking for.

My friends, don’t let the size of your clothes tell you who you are. Right now, I can wear 3 different sizes because of the way the clothes are made. Instead of thinking that I should be a certain size, I now see that I can wear a variety of styles. More clothes for me, Yay!  Every-body is different and beautiful.  What every-body wears is different, different sizes and different styles.  

Diet Recovery has changed my extreme diet and workout mindset.  Instead of what I think I should look like according to what society, magazines, online sites think, I am allowing my body to be healthy and live longer.  I don’t want to restrict my eating for the next 50 years.  I want to enjoy my life.  Diet Recovery helps me to learn how.  Find out more about Diet Recovery at DFIT Institute for Transformation.

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