self-care, Teacher, teacher appreciation

What About Us?

Teacher Appreciation Week is about celebrating Teachers and all they do.  Teachers receive gifts and recognition from everyone.

But what about receiving gifts and recognition from ourselves?  We as Teachers put ourselves on the back burner and take care of everyone else, except ourselves. We need to give ourselves support, affirm ourselves and grace ourselves.  We need to gift ourselves with coffee, chocolate, dinners, gift cards, staycations, mini trips, daycations(me) or whatever makes YOUR heart happy.

There are schools and communities we work in that don’t have the resources to appreciate us the way we think we should be appreciated.  There have been years, where as a Teacher, I was appreciated greatly.  But there were also years, I was not.

I’ve learned through Self-Care that I need to fulfill my own appreciation sometimes.  I cannot rely on others to appreciate me all the time.  I have to support myself, affirm myself and grace myself.  I need to be my own cheerleader and remember my purpose.  My future is in Heaven and that is where I will receive my Crown and my new life with Jesus!

Be good to yourself!  Don’t wait for others to support you, affirm you and grace you. Learn to do it for yourself. Then you will always feel appreciated.

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