Death, grief, loss, love, Teacher

Did I Love Enough?

Did I love enough?
Did I say what needed to be said.
Did I show you all you needed from me?
Did I act like I cared?
Did speak kindly?
Did I teach you what you needed?
Did I hug you and hold you tight?
Did I make you feel important? Did I shine a light?
Did I give what you needed?
Did I make enough time for you?
Did I share my love of Jesus?
Did I help you make it through?
You’re leaving has left me wondering if I did enough for you.
I wanted to make a difference and show my love is true. Did I love enough is my question. Having not to question it before.
Wanting to be sure, I will keep pursuing for more.  Faith, hope, and love.  Love is the greatest of these.

A poem by Lola Brooks.

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