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My Recent Self Care Method

Recently, I changed my workout schedule from the morning until the afternoon. I liked sleeping in more than working out. Even though, morning workouts gave me energy.

But I found I liked the afternoon workouts better because they helped me release stress from the day and I slept better at night.

Lately though, I been taking part of my workout to relieve stress in a different way. My ab workout is a floor routine. If I’m really stress out, I lay in the floor, stretch out as far as I can and lay there for a few minutes with my eyes closed in the quiet. I can feel the stress leave my body. I pray or think about my happy place, the beach. Then I get up a make a big cup of Columbia coffee, my favorite comfort food.

After my coffee, I can finish the rest of my day. This is the self care that works the best for me. It’s simple. Self care doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. It doesn’t have to follow a plan or be like anyone else. It just needs to fit you, relieve you, de-stress you, take care of you and promote a better you.

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