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Self Care Systems That Work

 A System is a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized framework or method. (Oxford Dictionaries)


DFIT is a system of healthy living.  It is a workout, meal planning, mental and emotional health program.  It helps me to live a healthy life.  It supports all areas of my life and gives me the peace I need each day to continue living and serve my purpose.

Productive Environment (

Productive Environment is a system of organization.  It is a way to organize my life.  It gives me a schedule to complete my daily tasks.  It helps me organize paperwork, emails, folders, etc., so my life is free of stress and clutter.

Blogs (,, Podcasts (That Sounds fun with Annie F. Downs, The Daily Shine on Spotify) and/or Youtube (Timothy Ward)

Connecting to someone’s words or listening to uplifting commentary is a system to build your mindset.  Your mind takes in good things and bad things.  You need to build your mindset to release the bad and retain the good. Find Blogs, Podcasts, Youtube videos, Books, Magazines, etc. that fuel your soul, not wear it down. Stop watching or listening to the news all the time or anything that brings you down or makes you feel inferior. Change your mindset by changing what you see or hear.

Finding Self-Care Systems is a blessing.  Your systems won’t be like someone else’s because your needs are different. STOP trying to be like other people. My systems work for me and could work for you.  Research them, try them and see.  If not, find your systems and be consistent in them. You will find a happy, healthier and peaceful life with systems that work just for you!

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