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Jesus is the Gift

Written 8 years ago and living this still today:

To be transparent again: Christmas has never been my favorite holiday as an adult with teenagers or older children. Expectations were always too high for me as a single mom with one income. Expectations I set myself trying to please my kids. This year is different. My relationship with God is different! He listened to my concerns, my insecurities and high expectations. He set me straight! This is his day, not mine. It’s his Birthday! There is no gift I could give him that could compare to the one he gave me. There is no gift I could give my kids that could compare to the one he gives them.
Gifts show people you care about them regardless of the gift. A gift can be a smile, a kind word, an invitation to hang out, a piece of candy or an I love you! I decided to leave my concerns, insecurities and expectations with my Jesus and have a very Merry Christmas and start a new tradition of celebrating my Jesus’ Birthday and accepting his gift of love in my heart and enjoy his day with no expectations!

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful family and awesome friends! You are a gift to me!

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