Sharing My Self-Care Secret on Small Business Day!

If you look like this………………………………………………… ……but want to look like this…………………
Then you need this!

I was the top left picture three years ago. I was overweight, slow, sick and miserable. I was done living like that. I wore big clothes to hide my weight. I ate horribly. I tried to workout and eat better, but I wasn’t consistent and it was too hard. So I gave up. I was D’s friend on Facebook but didn’t really know him. We were from the same hometown. I kept seeing DFIT’s videos and posts of people with great results. I researched his company and finally reached out to him. He was very personable, non-judgmental, and focused on my self-improvement. I, then, became a Virtual Client.

He personalized my meals. He taught me how to meal plan. He taught me how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat. He personalized my workouts and if I caused any injuries to myself (I did), he coached me through additional workouts to improve my condition. He really cares about his clients. He coaches you through your journey, your new lifestyle. You are his top priority!

My health has improved so much. I can get through a holiday without over eating. I can get through a bad day without stress eating. I can get through a normal day without eating because I’m bored. I have a highly stressful job, so I know what I’m talking about. My workouts have changed a little over the years to fit my changing body, but consistency, discipline and a growth mindset has been what I’ve learned from him to not give up.

His program is a lifestyle change. It’s consistent! It works! If you take the journey with him and stay the course, you will find results that you will keep for a lifetime. You will find commitment. He is always there to listen and coach you through whatever you need. You will improve your mental health, find self-love and self-care because you decided to make a great decision to change your life. Contact him today! http://www.dfittransformation.com

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