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A Resting Place

Black Mountain State Veteran’s Cemetery

I took Friday off. Shocker! I know as a Teacher that’s somewhat taboo because of the Sub shortage. But I had a sub.

My family took a trip to Black Mountain to lay to rest my Mom with my Dad. It was solemn and beautiful. Finally, they are together in the ground but already together in Heaven with God!

Whispering Wind Chimes-everyone places a wind chime that represents their loved ones on this tree. It’s a beautiful custom and sound.

The road trip was a part of my self care. Families can bring anxiety. The holidays are coming and just knowing they’ll be around daily will bring premature anxiety. So here are some tips:

1. Be yourself. Don’t try so hard to be liked. Don’t worry about proving who you are. They will love because you’re family.

2. Enjoy yourself! Eat whatever you want. Don’t worry about calories or working out, there is always the day after.

3. Laugh! Stories of your past will pop up! Things you did as a kid. LAUGH! You know it was funny! Laugh until you cry with all the people who love you!

4. Safety! If you still feel anxious around certain people, hang around the people you like. There is always going to be someone who tries to make you feel unworthy or unlovable. Don’t hang with them. God created you too. You are purposed.

This time with my family was great for my self care. I went through some of these anxieties, even the pre ones. But I allowed myself to enjoy this time with them because I know life is short and it gets in the way of spending time with them. Even though it was just one weekend, it was a blessing for my self care. Laughing, loving, talking, breathing in beautiful mountain air, taking in God’s great country views and eating without restrictions was just what I needed to recharge without even knowing it.

We should start taking time to get away to recharge, even for a day. God created the whole Earth for us to enjoy! We should take Him up on it, like our self care depended on it. I’m glad I did!

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