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Self Reflection

Taking time to reflect on your week is important.  Teachers always reflect daily, sometimes after a lesson or two. But reflecting can be for anyone.

The reflection I did this week was about my eating/workout habits.  I didn’t do a good job this week. I had a lot of excuses that I could have avoided if I really tried.  I blamed stress from my job. There was stress from my job, but I shouldn’t let that stress control my life.  The week went on and my stress went away, but I had failed my healthy lifestyle.  I put in last instead of first. I need to do better.

It’s a good thing God gives us a new day everyday. So this week, I will set new eating and workout goals.  I will set daily goals.  I know I feel so much better when I keep to a schedule with my healthy goals.  I will make myself a better me by choosing me first!

So 4:30 am with cardio and strength training, here I come! (I say that with all the strength I can muster) My home gym will be so excited!!!! Here are a few of my items. All can be found on Click the pictures below to get yours and get going to become a healthier you! The punching bag is my favorite. It helps to relieve my stress.

Take time to reflect on your week. Take time to grace yourself if your week was hard, but don’t stay there.  Don’t let it become a habit!  Reflect, Recharge and Regain your life!  That’s what self-care is for!

Disclaimer: “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

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