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An Author’s Dream!

A former student’s sibling dressed up for Book Character Day at her school using my book, “You Are Wonderfully and Beautifully Made”!

Her mom said, “She chose your book for Book Character Day!  Your book has truly been a blessing to us. I don’t know if you even know this, but she was diagnosed with autism a few years ago. Thankfully it is very mild and most of the struggle is with texture issues and expressing emotion. She often asks why she is a little different from other kids. As she is getting older, she notices more and more. I have repeated the words You are God’s creation, his masterpiece, his molded piece of clay over and over to her! Thank you for helping us teach our children that they are wonderfully and beautifully made!”

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My words to her mom, “I never knew when or how the words God gave me would touch the lives of who needed it,  but I knew they would! I guess it’s like teaching, I may never see the success, but I know there will be some.  Thank you for this beautiful message.”

Writing is another self-care of mine.  It’s very freeing!  It gives myself a voice to thoughts, ideas, issues, beliefs that I may not say to another person in person.  It brings hope to those who have lost theirs or haven’t realized it’s even lost.

My children’s books are God’s words. He uses his creation to reach out to others who may never hear or see that He loves them. People usually don’t listen to the people closest to them due to the thought of being judged, but they will listen to others.

You can find my books on  Visit and let God speak to you!

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