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What makes a great Coach/Teacher/Mentor?

I know people think they know or they try to know or they try to become one, but it takes years of practice to be great! The great Coach/Teacher/Mentor doesn’t think they’re great, but believes in what they’re doing and who they’re doing it for.

A great Coach/Teacher/Mentor guides you, encourages you, listens to you, understands you, talks to you, celebrates with you, checks up on you, gets stuck in your head, leads you, appreciates you, changes you, grows with you!  They create opportunities for you to heal from an injury, a broken heart, a death in your family, depression, or giving up.  They are all in every area of your life to help you grow, change and live an abundant life that is healthier and worth living.

If your fitness coach doesn’t do any of those things, you probably have given up. I would give up without mine. Staying healthy in my teaching profession is crucial, but not something I’m good at on my own or have time to worry about.  But my DFIT coach has been there through all my ups and downs for 3 years now.  I am a virtual client, so I don’t get to see him in person, but I do get to talk to him by phone/text or Zoom meetings.  He is an international coach and has many clients. He has many years of experience and is an accomplished bodybuilder.

I know what you’re thinking. How much is she getting paid to say all that?  NOTHING!  I choose to promote things that work for me because I know first hand that they WILL work for you too!  I believe if you are looking to have a healthier life, a life you control with the help of someone who believes in you,  you will have the life you’ve always wanted.  

Contact Demetrius Farrior at and take the assessment and/or call him. He will listen and support you in your new journey of a healthier life. He will help you understand your eating habits and assist you in making better choices and create with you a workout that suits you. You can workout at home, like I do, or in a gym or outside. As you change, he changes with you.  You are never stuck and never on your own. He is always there to answer all your questions. Try it!  Click the link, I dare you!

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