encouragement for the soul

My Prayer Life Sucks!

I know that sounds awful!  It is!  I’ve been a Christ-follower my whole life and I take prayer for granted.  It’s so easy to pray when there is a problem or an emergency.  Like God is a genie. But everyday when nothing great is happening or it’s just an ordinary day, I either pray generic prayers or not at all.

I don’t value it, it’s not important to me, obviously.  As a Child of God, I know He loves me unconditionally, forgives me when I ask, protects me, provides for me, but I never talk to Him.  I just expect Him to meet all my needs all the time. But He can take me out!!!  His breath is inside me and He can take it away.  I talk to my family, friends, colleagues, students, and strangers daily.  But not God.

I need to change that.  I can’t be anything if I’m not willing to sacrifice my time to talk to the very person who gives me LIFE! To the person who gives me HOPE.  To the person who LOVES me unconditionally. Down on my knees I will go every night before laying down to sleep, I will talk to God.  Like I did when I was little. Not generic, not “Now I lay me down to sleep”, but sincere, loving, thanking, just about you and me God talks.  

God Talks

At His feet, I will be.  

With my hands on his knee, 

looking up just to see, 

his loving face looking back at me.

I need to do better.  He should be the most important person in my life! He gives life and can take it away. He has given me so much more than what anyone else has and nothing should be put in front of him.

Dear God,

I’m so sorry for not putting you first. I’m sorry for treating you like a genie.  I’m sorry for not giving you all the glory you deserve.  Help me to know you more by talking to you.  Help me to desire my time with you and look forward to it daily. Help me to appreciate who you are and what you stand for. Remind me that people look to me for guidance and prayers, so I need to be like you to help them.  I ask for your forgiveness and continued guidance in my life.  Help me to be the Child of God you’ve raised me to be.  Thank you gracious Father for loving me so much.  In Jesus name, Amen!

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