The Importance of Having a Personal Trainer/Coach

Three years ago after much research and failing in my own weight loss/fitness program, I decided to contact a personal trainer.  He talked me through his program and made me feel at ease. 

My friend and I were talking about both our programs, DFIT and BURN.  We discussed how important they both were for our health, but also for our injuries.  We have both suffered some personal injuries. We NEVER could have gotten better or through these difficult times without having someone who knows bodies to help us with new workouts, new meal plans, physical therapy, and daily talks to motivate us to keep going.

It is really hard to stay consistent when there is no one supporting you in getting or staying better.  I would have just given up and quit.  I would’ve never known what to do with all that I’ve gone through these past three years.  I lost both my parents, been in the hospital, lived through Covid as a Teacher and have changed my workout recently because of Diastasis Recti and Piriformis Syndrome.

I needed sympathy, encouragement, love, attention, friendship, and motivation. I got just that.  I connected with other people in this program who became friends of mine. We all need each other. We all need DFIT and PEI.

If you are thinking about what to do, who to guide you and what program to choose, do your research.  Find someone who believes in what they do, has been doing it a long time, someone who can do in person and/or virtual (me), someone who trains themself and knows their craft very well. Whether it’s DFIT, BURN or another program, do yourself a favor, a healthy lifelong favor, find it, research it and do it! For you, your family, your health and your future!





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