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A Sense of Humor

I love my Jesus! He has such a sense of humor. The story: I was driving home today during the storm. Heavy rain was pouring down so hard, I couldn’t see in front or behind me. I turned on my hazard lights and had the radio on, but wasn’t paying attention to what was playing. I WAS nervous, scared, anxious and my shoulders were clinched. The light at the intersection ahead was red. I slowed to a stop. I was able then to look around and breathe for a moment before moving forward again. I heard the radio and began listening to the song that was playing. The words made me laugh out loud: Are You Ready to Meet Jesus, Are You Ready to Meet Jesus……I said, Yes, Lord! But was curious to know if it was going to happen right now! My body began relax and I thanked him for bringing me joy right when I needed it. The storm passed and I made it home safely. God gives you exactly what you need when you need it. He is always right on time! If you don’t know him, you need to. Ask Him into your heart right now! He is waiting for you! He will keep you safe and deliver you from any trouble you may have to go through. Psalm 23

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