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God Answers Prayers

My daughter call me early this morning to tell me her car wouldn’t start but I was already at school. I told her I would come by after I got off. She said she didn’t know if we could jump it because there were people parked on both sides of her. I thought of all my plan Bs. On my way to her, I called to let her know I was coming. She said that people were still parked beside her on both sides. Then I prayed, Lord, please open up a space beside her. And He answered it. When I got there, I pulled right next to her. God answers little tiny prayers and big miracle prayers and all the ones in between. He loves to take care of his children! No prayer is too small or too big!. Don’t worry we got her car working again. I had a great Dad! Praise God for His love for us! We are His!đź’— #TrustGod Philippians 4:4-7

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