Take Time to Write Down Your Goals for 2021

Choosing goals every year is a big deal and everyone should do it. Write them down, create a vision board or note them in your phone/tablet or PC.   There should be a goal for every area of your life.  You should live intentionally, purposefully.  You were created on purpose, for a purpose.  You have an assignment that only YOU can do.  God chose you and by fulfilling your purpose, you are building God’s kingdom, being a blessing to others, leaving a legacy and securing your eternal future.

Choosing Goals

When choosing goals, really think about what you want to do, change or make better.  Maybe it’s things you never get to do or have always wanted to do.  Maybe it’s things you think you can’t do or someone said “you can’t”, but you want to try anyway.  Believe in yourself enough to try it.  You may be your only cheerleader, but that’s alright.  I have been my only cheerleader lots of times. Yet, I’ve made it here with you! Encouraging, cheerleading, affirming, believing  and conquering, just like you!

Below are my Goals for 2021.  Some are a continuation from last year and some are new.

Pleasure-just for me (check out a book at the Library every week to read on Saturday afternoon, write a blog every week)

Healthy-for my body and mind (meal plan and workout)

Academic-better myself for my students (National Board)

Building God’s Kingdom-serve God for others (Virtual Bible Club, pay tithes consistently)

Financial-Debt Free (Dave Ramsey)

Travel-to see the world (Visit a small town once a month to check out their shops and take pictures and write about them on my website.

Things to Consider:

When choosing goals, God asks:  Will this take you from me?  I ask: Does this add or take away from my life and the lives of others it impacts.  We are not on this earth for us. Shocker!!!  We are here to Love God and Love others.  When we do that we will see God’s blessing in our lives and in other’s lives.  We will build God’s kingdom(fishers of men), leave a legacy and secure our eternal future in Heaven. I want a life like that!  Intentional, Purposeful, Goals!

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