Great Christmas Gifts


Children love books. They are fun, exciting and the pictures are amazing. The stories are uplifting and encouraging. Someone once told me after reading my book, You are Wonderfully and Beautifully Made, “I wish someone would have told me that when I was a kid!”

Books are life changing! They are something to hold onto when we have nothing. You can reread them over and over and over again. The digital book does not replace the love of a cozy, hand held, folded, printed book. The smell of print and paper; like the smell of play-doh or markers. It brings back memories of our childhood when life was simple and not rushed.

Reading books builds bridges between languages with pictures that fly off the page. It brings people together who share ideas and commonalities. It moves you to make a change. It replaces a trip you can’t afford or motivates you to take one. It makes you brave when life is tough. It builds your self-esteem. It makes you kind. Books make you think of others and you pay it forward. Books will always be around. They will be read, pages torn and spines broken. These books are loved and a loved book is a treasure!

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