We Will All Die!

We will ALL DIE!  That is inevitable!  No one lives forever!   Even if you choose NOT to believe in God, you will die! But He has you!  And He still chooses to pursue you even if you don’t want Him!  You will have every opportunity to ask Him into your heart, even at the end of your life. BUT if you let Him live within you DURING your living, THEN you will live the purpose you were created for. You will LOVE beyond all comprehension because you carry God’s love inside you.  You will have JOY because God wants you to enjoy an abundant life while living. You will have the srength to get through any trouble at anytime because God gives you His strength to use. You will have Peace in ALL areas of your life because He wants you to be anxiety and depression FREE!  You will have Clarity, Discernment, Knowledge, Wisdom, Gratitude, Kindness, Self-Control and many other of God’s attributes accessible to you during your living!  Who doesn’t want that????????  GOD LOVES YOU! I love you! Your living and even death is important to me!  God, I pray for all who are reading this today.  I pray that they will know that you LOVE them and want to live inside of them and set their unlivable lives FREE!  There is so much FREEDOM in you, God!  I accept you into my life at this moment.  I believe you died for me because you love me. I confess my sins to you and ask you to live in my life right now in this very moment.  Thank you, God for your saving Grace and loving Mercy!  In Jesus name, Amen!  If you prayed this prayer, WELCOME to God’s FAMILY! I am glad to have you as a sister or brother in Christ Jesus!  Find a Bible Believing Church for fellowship with other believers and the Teaching of God’s Word.  Read your Bible, physically or online to hear what God wants and needs to to know.  Find like-minded friends who will support you in your walk with God.  I’m here if you need to talk or pray.

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