God’s Protection

On my way home from Church this morning, I was thinking about all my friends, their exes and their lives now. I thought about each one individually and how hard it must be to still have to be connected to and live near their ex.

Finding new relationships must seem really hard and carrying that extra baggage into a new relationship must bring great challenges for them and their new person.

Your children, their children, grandchildren, blending, combining, etc. It seems like a hot mess. But I wouldn’t know. I’m sure I could know, but God’s protected me from that a long time ago. I was married once and divorced with children, but because of God’s protection over my life, I am free, totally free today.

He protected me from relationships that could have ruined me. He protected me from bad decisions I made. He protected me from bad people who could have hurt me and my family. He protected from mistakes, failures, falling down, feeling lonely, depression, and mental anguish.

God’s protection, whether I knew He was there or not, kept me from remaking bad choices because I trusted His choices. He knew when the enemy sent choices I couldn’t resist, he gave me discernment and the knowledge to make the right choice for my life. If it is meant to be, It will be right. It will be what I need, not what I want.

Thank you God for protecting me all these years from things that could’ve ruined me. I am free, I’m mean really FREE because of You! THANK YOU! To the world, if I seem too good for you, I AM! Because of Jesus, I AM!

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