Resilient AND Blessed

I am a lot of things.  I am strong, independent, (but dependent on God), brave, successful, worthy, loving and kind.  This week, however, I found myself to be Resilient and Blessed!

A new school year began in a new way.  With social distancing and masks, we started school in person.  I found my way to be an empty-nester! All my children have grown up and left the nest AND my only car has been in the shop all week.

Being a single parent with no car to get to school and teach, having no way to borrow a child’s car or car pool with my children made this week seem impossible.  BUT GOD!  He made a way for me to get to school each day and back home.  He kept me safe at school with my littles.  He gave me peace that surpassed all understanding because I was not worried or stressed about anything.  I knew He had me!

God came through even though my circumstances seem dim.  Even though it looked like the enemy had won.  Even though it looked like there was no way out, around or through it, God made a way.  

I thank God for my relationship with Him!  I am glad that even though I’m not always faithful with Him, that He is faithful with me. He takes care of me, protects me and loves me!  Thank you, Father for your great LOVE for me!

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