Am I Enough?

This is a question I ask myself daily, sometimes hourly.  Beating myself up for believing that I am, when I know I am.  I’m God’s girl!  His masterpiece!  His princess! So why do I question that?

The Enemy!  He comes to kill, steal and destroy. He knows my weaknesses and he plays on those.  I ask God:  “Am I pretty enough?”  He answers, “YES, Everything I create is beautiful!”  Then doubt creeps in:  Then why am I still single!  Nobody sees me as beautiful.  Nobody wants me.  Nobody cares about me.  Nobody wants to get to know me. Enemy says, Now, I’ve  got her!   God says, “You are mine!  You are the most beautiful thing in the world to me!”  Doubt: You’re only beautiful inside and no one can see that.  If they never talk to you, they will never know.  It’s hopeless!  Enemy says, Yes, keep believing that!  God says, “I’m saving you for the one who will truly understand my purpose in your life and can build with you, not take from you.  Trust Me!”

Being enough for whatever life hands you or situation you’re in requires you to STOP believing the enemy’s LIES!  You have to OVERCOME Lies with TRUTH!  This is hard and requires work on your part.  Your hard work isn’t to prove to other people that you are enough.  It is to prove to yourself that you believe what God says about you! You are created in the image of God and YOU ARE ENOUGH.  Sitting and complaining about your life and what you don’t have or look like or who is better or has more than you, isn’t working hard.  It is YOU believing the enemies lies about who he says you are and NOT who God says YOU are!  

I have to remind myself that God has great plans for me.  He knows me because He created me.  He listens to my complaints, failures, mistakes, tears, troubles, excuses, stumbles, falling downs.  But quickly I am reminded that He loves me and IS FOR ME!  He lets me question my doubt, but quickly brings to mind how strong He is in my weakness.  How strong He is in my struggle, in my failures, in my mistakes, in my excuses, in my daily grind.  He adjusts my thinking with his word (Bible) and the TRUTH sets me FREE!  

I work hard to accomplish my goals and his purpose in my life. Living up to God’s standards is easy compared to the standards I place on myself.  His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  I carry the world on my shoulders, He only carries me.  Lauren Daigle’s song,  “You Say” is a powerful song that reminds me of how I should see myself. But unless I commit to listen to it every hour of the day, the enemy creeps in to remind me of my weaknesses.  This is why I need to recognize his creepin’ and quickly remind myself that I AM GOD’S GIRL!  I AM BEAUTIFUL!  I AM ENOUGH.

I don’t have to be enough for the world.  I don’t have to PROVE I am enough to the world.  I AM ENOUGH because I AM HERE, STILL HERE!  I have PURPOSE, GOD’S PURPOSE!  


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