One Voice

Driving home today after visiting my mom, I had a cop behind me. It didn’t really bother me, but I did check to make sure I was not over the speed limit.  The car in front of me was driven by a black man.  I started to think about how he would feel if the cop was behind him.  Being white, I can’t ever say I would know.  But I wanted to.  I wanted to because I need to feel the pain to change, to stand up, to make a difference, to be a voice.

I thought about how it must feel to be rejected, not worthy, not believed, harassed and unloved by people who are just like you, Humans. Horrible, it would feel horrible. I would never leave my house.   I thought about how all my life, no one ever questioned me or stopped me, or didn’t believe me or thought I was worthless. As an educator, I do my very best to treat people how I want to be treated and teach my littles that.  I stand with #blacklivesmatter and will work for a change.

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