Amid The Chaos

Dear Jesus, I pray for all the kids who have to miss school during this time. I pray that you will be a hedge of protection around them at home. At school, we give them structure, love and learning; for some it is a safe place. That you will help their parents to feed them. At school, we give two meals plus snacks. I pray that you help them to find other ways, good ways to keep from getting bored. (YouTube and video games are not safe) At school, we have learning programs that are on their skill level and help the progress through the year. I pray that you remind them to go outside and play. At school, we go outside everyday( weather permitting) for recess. I pray that you will comfort and give peace to the siblings who have to babysit and the younger children will listen. At school, everyone is their own person and keeps up with themselves. I pray for all the parents, Lord, help them to know we love their babies and are doing everything we can to make this time meaningful and teachable. They are not forgotten. I pray that you strengthen all Teachers. People may see this as a vacation, but for us, we see it as a distraction. Help us to find the message you have for us during this time. Help us to see it from your perspective, the bigger picture, the blessing. Thank you Lord for your Strength, Love, Grace and Mercy, Comfort and Peace. In Jesus name, Amen!

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