Kids Matter!

I was very stressed out today because getting ready for a new school year is stressful as a Teacher. Behind the scenes, we go to trainings, staff meetings, meet parents/kiddos, laminate, copy, write a schedule and lesson plans, meet with our grade level, decorate our rooms, declutter, clean, create Google slides and classrooms, assign all our kiddos their Chromebooks, make lunch cards, computer log-in cards, call parents, make how we go home cards, etc. All in one week before school starts! Sometimes we go in early or stay late, sometimes we do both. Sometimes if the school is open on Saturday, we go too.
Someone today said to me, “Stop stressing out, it’s just a job!”. I felt that so deep and it hurt my heart. ☹️ I turned around and said, “No, it’s not just a job to me, it’s my lifestyle!”
I pour everything, my whole self into these children everyday. And it is my pleasure and my purpose! I know there will be days of stress and days of enjoyment. I know that the kids placed in my care are in my class on purpose. They will be loved, encouraged, inspired, valued, shown compassion, honesty and truth. They will know how much God loves them through my actions and words spoken over them. They will leave knowing that someone they never knew care for them like they’ve never known. It is because of this reason, I teach!
Kids Matter!

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