Godly Protection

So……..I was just almost run over by a tractor trailer this afternoon. I was in the left turning lane at the intersection and they were turning left on my street. They turned fast and came within 2 feet of hitting the front of my car with their back wheels! 😱 They stopped suddenly. I looked to see if I could back up and then I did. Then they proceeded to continue turning and going on their way. I pulled back up to the light and thanked God for His hedge of protection.
GOD IS REAL, people! He will protect you. I never had time to pray during this ordeal nor did I think about it. I didn’t freak out, I was surprisingly calm which is different for me. I thanked God and drove home, untouched. I have been selfishly in His word, I have been dependent on Him and giving Him glory for things and people in my life that help me to live according to his word. If you have been one of those people, THANK YOU! If you have prayed for me, THANK YOU! If you have been in my life only for a season, THANK YOU! You are more valuable than you know!

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