God Said

What an honor it is for God to tell someone, ” She’s/He’s the one!” about you, as you’re praying for your one.

God’s love is irreplaceable! No one can fill His shoes. But what a proud Papa He is when He blesses you with his daughter/son to have and hold forever. His best, the one He loves, has brought up, nurtured, taught, given life, forgiven and placed at your feet and said, “This is my beloved whom I am well pleased.”
Our thought should be, ” Oh God, what an honor to have your best! “I will take care of her/him love them like you love me, honor them, submit to them, surrender to them because you have given your best to me!”. Thank you Father!

What a difficult task it must be for God to give His best to another. His daughter/son to another. If they both are a son and daughter of God, fully following God’s plan for their life, trusting Him in every aspect, seeking Him daily; then God knows how truly faithful his children will be in their continued walk with him.

But what if you’re not there yet? Not fully following, not forgiving, not trusting, not loving like God loves, then are you really ready? God doesn’t think so either. That’s why He makes us wait, he makes us work, he makes us serve, he makes us hear him say, “Not Yet!”. As his son/daughter, he does not want us to have just anyone. It must be his best, someone like him who will know how to love us like he does. Someone who will walk through seasons with us knowing that God is in control, knowing how to pray situations through and knowing that provisions are available because God is the head of our household.

Let Him make you his best so he can give you his best, just like we do when we give our son/daughter in marriage to another daughter/son. We don’t want what’s leftover, we want the best! Just like God does!

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