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I’ve had a lot of experiences with doors lately.  Whether it was a door for me or a door for a friend, doors bring choices where decisions have to be made.

Closed Doors

Some doors are closed.  They’re not your door or it is closed for right now.  STOP BANGING! This door will not open for you no matter what you do or how long you wait.  You will get frustrated and angry and upset and discouraged.

Advice:  Continue with the life you have now and when it’s time this door will open.  And whatever is behind it will belong to you and only you, IF you choose to it.

Open Doors

Some doors are open.  They’re doors that are for you and only you.  These doors are scary, exciting, make you nervous and wonder.  These are doors you have to make a decision to go through or not.  FAITH and TRUST is required at this door. You have to be BRAVE! You could decide to walk through or you could decide not to walk through.  It’s your choice.

Advice:  Walk through the door.  It’s what you’ve been waiting for!  It’s new and scary and different, but it’s what you’ve prayed for.  It is hand-picked just for you and no one else! God has been saving it for just the right time.  NOW!

Swinging Doors

Swinging doors exist, but these doors aren’t true doors.  These doors aren’t from God. These are doors we create ourselves because we can’t make a decision about what to do about something.  We’re on the fence, we’re taker-backers (giving something away and then taking it back) and we don’t share with this door. These doors cause a lot of problems for our lives.  Problems we create and then try to fix. DISASTER!

Advice:  Don’t create a swinging door!  Make decisions based on an open door or a closed door.  Don’t make your life harder than it already is. An abundant life doesn’t require any drama, but it does require work, love, trust, faith which will bring you peace!

These Doors bring us two choices:

Closed doors- walking away or waiting

Open doors-   walking through or walking away

This Door only gives us one choice:

Swinging doors- walking back and forth continuously

When given a choice, making a decision is hard.  Make a list, talk to friend, pray, etc. Know you who you are and your true self.  Make your decision based on you, what’s best for you and what is at your door. Whatever you choose becomes your life now!

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